Autumn’s Harvest

N.S. Simko
Aug 27, 2021

a poem

Photo Courtesy of Author

Harvester moves slow through thicket of field

Fog is pierced by street lamp spots

Rye plant tousled under wheel

Locust flock to ergot.

Moonlight ceased in dawns delight

Roosters crow for orange skies

Deer skulk ‘round farmer’s sight

Toads sling tongues catching flies.

Crop is tender spat on ground

Aphids crushed in the mix

Blades spin with reaping sound

Farmer’s legs collecting ticks.

Leaves of brown lift in winds drift

Barnyard raked with leaf piles

Sparrows peck seed from the sift

Decoys send crows into exile.

Day ripens after many hours

Wildlife rest with good reason

Farmer winds down to tend their flowers

Harvest is cut for this season.



N.S. Simko

Poetry, prose, short stories, and experimentations. Whatever distracts me from working on my novel.