In Heart

N.S. Simko
2 min readOct 15, 2023

a poem

there was a woman in heart who had the eye of another,

who had in her heart an eye for this other,

and with each passing glance and dance and laugh,

i was a fool to think we had a future together;

now i know i realize i never had mine/

always woke up in the morning on the sideline heavy hitting for the feature of the divine/

that punchline of the co-sign/

what somebody, everybody, anybody sees for me and will i be a product of the headlines/

i resign my fate to it, my decline to it, what’s on my mind to it/

so who’s there, what’s here, i don’t know, people tell me where to go anymore/

for sweet relief keep it brief, kiss on me from the past, what’s a buck if a penny doesn’t last/

show me aghast at the vast proof amassed and you asked what for the power you endow/

tell me how you take a vow to allow the kind of madness that takes the workers like Mao/

if he saw the best minds destroyed by madness then who has their sanity now/

i need peace from it, my life from it, no acceptance of it/

here i thought all i ever wanted was to be free, now i see it was for those who came before me/

a love supreme for the mother of exiles who weeps for those kept from command/

give a hand to the dream that spanned a second land and wake up/

this is our future together, this is where loves lies, in the heart.



N.S. Simko

Poetry, prose, short stories, and experimentations. Whatever distracts me from working on my novel.