Starover Blue

N.S. Simko
4 min readJul 10, 2021

an epic poem

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Canto I: A Testament To Insecurity

1. Notice there a woodland choir in the dire

nest casting hymns as atop a black spire;

Missing refuted matrimonial — —

— — Division (usual colonial

Imposition) of secret company,

They’ll burn off costs from regal custody;

Feel scorched ground for soil rises excessive

(I did decry their ways are regressive),

With bindings that strap a child to the slab,

10. Its heart beats aquiver for them to stab.

Keep to myself as we are wont to do,

The kid’ll be fine remove it from view,

If it gets set free I will never know,

Disregard their fun and my age shall grow.

Maybe they’d see me peering from outside,

Invite me in, with them I would reside,

To capture the faith through senseless chanting;

Zombies commune to impart their canting.

A worm to the rain when heat conquers day,

20. Timetables crossed, a journey tossed astray.

I’d rather take a forlorn river walk,

My clothes disheveled, have no one to talk

But myself in compacted thoughts and rage;

The compassionate mind is what I wage,

To progress in a time when love scatters,

Amidst the reign of sporadic satyrs;

Independence through wistless theory,

Motivated by a certain dreary,

Knowledge of the truth hidden in deceit,

30. Under the thumb of those who will compete.

There may always be a bleak distinction,

Within the conscious (a staunch addiction),

Guiding the meek with a forceful entry,

Turning them into supplementary,

Food for the swine whose glutton fats the calf;



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